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Selling a home can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you enlist the help of a registered Real Estate Agent or REALTOR ®. The following is some information that will help you along the way.  For more great tips on selling your home, please visit the Manitoba Real Estate Association by clicking the link below:



When selling your home, you will have many questions.  Howrealtorshelp.ca is a wonderful ressource to help answer all of your questions!  Click on the link below:


Do you know how to understand your own market when it comes time to negotiate the sale or purchase of your home?

So often I am asked by my clients for advice on how to get the best price, buying or selling, and the key point that I can never stress enough (from many years of experience!) is not to get consumed by reports on the overall market conditions – nationally or even provincially -without knowing the specific details of the area you are buying or selling.

Our rural market is unique and can at times be very different than what is trending in Winnipeg, depending on so many factors, and specifically – the demand. Though friends and family members share their own experiences (from their own markets) it can be confusing when taking advice from them without understanding your own specific requirements. In this situation, I guarantee that talking to an experienced  Realtor(R) will clear that confusion! For example, I am working with buyers in our area who are finding themselves in stronger negotiating positions compared to homes that are much the same within the city limits.

My team and I are looking forward to helping you navigate the purchase or sale of your next Real Estate transactions.

Selling real estate in Manitoba’s Interlake? Contact us now – we’ve got you covered!

Stage Your Home and Sell it Fast!

1. Clear it all out.
I mean it, girlfriend, move every single thing out of your place. That goes for your beloved troll doll collection, leopard skin rug, and the couch your mom claims you were born on. As sentimental as these things might seem to you, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space; seeing clothes in the closet, family photos, and random tchotchkes prevents them from doing so. Then place back in only necessary furniture, keeping in mind that you want the space to look BIG, CLEAN, SPACIOUS, and UNCLUTTERED. This isn’t supposed to be a functional room. Nope. As I did in this living area, you can lose the TV, stereo, side tables, and ottomans if it creates more room.

2. Freshen up the style.
You may be a diehard Shabby Chic follower, but even Rachel Ashwell would agree that not everyone is. Aim for a style that most buyers would like, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Furnishings that seem homey and comforting — yet fresh and contemporary — give an aura that your home is updated and well cared for. Neutrals work best; just add colorful touches here and there. For this home office, I used a bright rug to punch in some color and pattern to an otherwise boxy white room. The clear console stands in for a desk (if buyers saw my real desk stacked with papers and dirty coffee mugs, they’d run for the hills). Curtains hide the closet doors and soften the hard walls. Stick-on mirrors from IKEA reflect light and space.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who’s the fairest one of all? Your room, that’s who. Use mirrors liberally to make your area look bigger, lighter, brighter, and encourage sunlight to bounce all over the walls. In this small dining area, the mirror even adds color by reflecting the painting that’s hanging in the living area. How’s that for working double duty?

4. Don’t forget the details. 
Set the table. It’s easy to do and makes a big impact. Buyers walk in and instantly feel welcome, like as if they’re coming over for dinner. Light clean- or non-scented candles, place plush towels and fancy soap in the bathrooms, a breakfast tray on the bed, and a pretty book on the coffee table. If all goes as planned, they’ll want to stay over forever.

5. Play with texture. 
Wallpaper, pillows, rugs, blankets, baskets, and other tactile accessories can play up texture in a room. It’s an easy way for anyone, even my colorblind husband, to add warmth to a blah room. Try grass cloth wallpaper on plain walls that need a little oomph, such as in this master bedroom, where buyers expect to see a little more luxury and style.

6. Smart accessories.
 I cleared this kitchen counter of appliances, spice racks, towels, and cooking utensils and left only a few things: a couple of cookbooks and a shiny tea kettle. Random? Not at all. The gourmet cookbooks give the impression that this kitchen is built for serious cooking. It’s called “branding” — and it’s what advertisers bombard you with every day. You’re advertising your home, so buyers need not know that your cooking skills are actually a fire hazard to your own kitchen. The cookbooks here say culinary creations might have been whipped up here.  

7. Small furniture,
big space. It’s the trick of the trade: downsize your furnishings to upsize the room. Here, I got rid of the king-size bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a bookcase; can you imagine what this room looked like with all that stuff crammed in there? I replaced it with a queen-size bed, a mirror, and two tiny lamps placed on footstools. That’s it. The one thing I regret is not ironing those sheets very well; it would have looked so much neater.

8. Create vignettes. 
Set up little scenes that help buyers visualize their potential life in this home. For the nursery, I wanted the buyer to walk in and say, “How lovely, I could totally see my future baby sitting in that chair nicely reading a book.” Now, if I can just get my own baby to do that….

9. Don’t forget the outdoor areas. 
Those spaces add as much interest for the buyer as the interior rooms. For this unsightly roof deck, I added inexpensive bamboo sheeting to the rail, an outdoor rug, small table and bistro chairs, and a few plants. Now the buyers will see this formerly blank space as an additional living area. Bonus.

10. White is nice. 
When in doubt, use white in the bathroom. It spells CLEAN, and that’s what buyers want in a bathroom. Plus, it matches the toilet. (Note the absence of bath rugs, toothbrushes, and fuzzy toilet covers).

11. Decorative hiding.
 It’s what Grandma does: throw a pillow over a wine stain, a rug where the cat coughed up a hairball, furniture in front of the crayon mural. It’s called decorative hiding. In this upper-floor condo, I covered the fire escape railings with bamboo sheeting and placed an elegant lemon tree in front of it. Boy, it looked so much better and it hid the neighbor’s hideous backyard from view. Remember, though, this is just for staging purposes; you’ll have to disclose major flaws to the buyer eventually. 

Try out these tips and let me know how it works out. Cheers to the future sale of your home. (Article Courtesy of Houzz.com)

How To:  Sell Your Home in Winter

There can be many advantages to selling during the cooler months.  In fact playing up your home’s cozy, family-friendly charm during these months can be a real asset!

Many people think it’s more difficult to sell a home in the winter than in summer, however, things that lead people to make new home purchases- a new job, a growing family, up or downsizing happen all year long, so there are still plenty of buyers out there.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure the EXTERIOR is well maintained, with eaves troughs clean and minor repairs taken care of.
  • Make sure the WINDOWS are freshly washed as winter light has a way of highlighting the dirt and grime.
  • Make sure SHRUBS and TREE branches heavy with snow do not obstuct walkways or entrances.  Brush off snow and prune as necessary.
  • Keep walkways and entrances shoveled and ICE FREE.  If a visitor slips you could be liable for the damages.
  • Create a WELCOMING ENTRY by putting up Christmas lights or a wreath on the front door.  Festive touches like cedar, pine, holly, dried berries or perhaps glittered ornaments and ribbons really create a mood.  Things that are not too “Christmasy” in design can be left up all winter long.
  • If the home is vacant, make sure the HEAT is turned on several hours before showing.  Buyers don’t want to linger in a home that’s freezing.
  • Protect your floors by putting down MATS at the door for snowy boots.  Buy a few pairs of comfy one size fits all slippers for visitors to wear while they view your home.
  • Romance visitors by lighting fragrant candles, placing potpourri bowls in the main rooms or bake a fresh batch of homemade cookies to leave on the counter.  This not only smells great it also adds to the warmth and charm of your home.

HAVING SOLD over 1000 homes, I know what buyers look for and how to MARKET, PREPARE & SELL your home.  If your thinking of SELLING OR BUYING, CALL ME, your HOMETOWN REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST.

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