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Country Living Resources

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L.J. Baron Realty- The Rural Property Specialists

Country Living can be in an urban or in a rural setting. In an country urban setting, the community is smaller than a city neighbourhood, but offers more services than living on a rural acreage. We will assist with informing you about services available in the community you are wanting to live in or near, such as:

  • Schools
  • Fire, ambulance & protection services
  • Hospital, medical & dental care and where to access them.
  • Where you can shop and what the local settings offer you for your lifestyle needs.

Smaller towns may or may not have community water or sewer services.

The Rural Property Specialists at L.J. Baron Realty will help you navigate the different systems that exist in town and country properties such as:

  • Sewer systems
  • Septic tanks, holding tanks
  • Septic fields
  • Gravity or ejector systems
  • Wells
  • How to care for them in the winter months